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Pricing Guide

You could send a song to and friend, family member or loved one to:

Gift a Song this Christmas!

Introductory Offers for Christmas 2019!

from £80!

Bespoke Songs

Fill out the form below to send me your ideas and I will come back to you with some suggestions and quotes! Just fill out as many parts as you feel comfortable with at first. Basically, we need to get to a point where I feel I can accurately help you get your message across, with a song. If you have lyrical ideas of your own then perhaps I can suggest a way of putting those lyrics to music? If you don't have ideas for words then perhaps you could tell me about the song you'd like, who or what it's for, and whether you have any stylistic references in mind? Either way, the more we communicate, the more likely it is that I can effectively produce a song that fits the bill.

Let's talk!

This price guide is designed to give an idea of cost - prices are affected by the length of the song, the number of instruments used, and can be reduced by providing some of your own creative input (!) 

Your Song Starts Here

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon!

  • Congratulate them!

  • Let them know you care

  • Reminisce about old times

  • Celebrate friendship

  • Give encouragement

  • or for another reason...?

  • Example 1 - £80 - Short song featuring your own lyrics (get creative!) for voice with guitar/piano accompaniment.

  • Example 2 - £150 - Cover version of a well known song, featuring your own lyrics (get creative!) for voice and 3 accompanying instruments (eg. guitar, bass and drums).

  • Example 3 - £150 - Short song based on your own descriptions and criteria for voice and light accompaniment.

  • Example 4 - £400 - Fully arranged song based on your own descriptions and criteria.

Bespoke Songs

Template Songs

Find a sound you like, then choose how to use it!

Template Songs offer a way for you to purchase or commission a high quality, fully arranged song at an affordable price. 

Folk/Rock Celebration

£80 - Change the lyrics - Use this song as a template to communicate your own message! I will re-record the lead vocal and backing vocals using your words.

- Chorus - the choruses are currently made up of well-wishing sentiments arranged as rhyming couplets. Use this format for your own message! An example could be:

- Congratulations on your special day, we've been thinking of you all through the year. We're so happy to come and celebrate with friends and family gathered here.

£150 - edit the structure and change the lyrics - if your message requires a different musical structure then I can edit the song accordingly.

- maybe the choruses could be the same length?

- maybe there could be a middle 8 section rather than a build section, or the build section could be longer/shorter?

£350 - Commission a song in a similar style - In this instance, a song in a similar style would be based on the same mix template. It would feature the same sounds but use different chords and different words. Imagine that this template song is a song from an album and that you're commissioning another song for the same album.

Order Your Template Song
Select Template Song

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon!

Template Songs
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