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Greg has enjoyed working on scores for some of the big names in film music and has overseen sessions in Abbey Road & Angel Studios. Clients include: Disney, BBC, ITV, Kaleidoscope Pictures, Working Title, Newgrange Pictures, Digiart, Chernin, Dreamworks & Identity films.


Greg arranges, records, mixes and masters audio projects to a professional standard from his home studio in Oxfordshire for a range of clients including Egmont, Hachette and Barthosport B.V. He is also one half of Snazzy Badgers Music Productions, producing children's music in partnership with published author, Adam Guillain.



Greg finds a natural ease in the process of creating works to fit a brief and is competent in a wide variety of styles as either a composer or song writer. Check out this song written for Sonnox, commissioned for use in a demonstration video for their Dynamic EQ plug-in (the song is designed to demonstrate dynamic range).

Musical Director

Greg has been musical director for a number of theatre productions, contributing as an arranger/orchestrator, pianist, singer, actor and conductor. Most recently, Greg plays the role of George Martin in sell out theatre productions for The Oxford Beatles.


Guitar & Voice

Greg has toured the UK as a singer/guitarist in The Lost Art (see above), playing in venues such as Birmingham Town Hall, Milton Keynes Stables and The O2 Arena, and supporting artists including Cara Dillon, Blair Dunlop and Blackbeard's Tea Party. As with his other instruments, Greg is happy to contribute to a song as a session musician, either on site or by recording .wavs from his home studio.


Following 4 years of study with William Howard [The Schubert Ensemble] and graduating from The University of York with a BA in Music, Greg has performed contemporary and classical piano repertoire in prestigious venues around the country including The Jacqueline Du Pre Music Room, Cheltenham Town Hall & Trinity College London. Greg derives much of his interpretative skill & theoretical knowledge from his time spent at the keyboard.



Greg loves playing the bass and, as with his other instruments, is happy to jam along to any style of music. His quick ear, fluent understanding of notation and musical structure, and ability to see the bigger picture when recording lines for a track, make him a very easy session musician to work with. Greg's wedding/fuction band - The Counterfeit Hit - are also available for hire.


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Greg has over 10 years experience as a piano, guitar and bass tutor and has led school classes and extra curricular activities as well as educational projects that he has initiated himself. In April 2018 he worked with the production team at Yousician, transcribing and arranging songs at various, highly refined difficulty levels for the 25,000,000+ users who enjoy the popular app's gamified learning environment.


If you would like to contact Greg personally about any of the services he offers then please do so via the form below. Thanks!


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